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Alpineon is a company of young, highly proficient and motivated employees, that follow the technological advances in the field of ICT technologies and develop new, user-friendly products and services that enhance the quality of our life and work.

The Alpineon industrial R&D group provides turn-key software and hardware solutions in the ICT, automotive and industrial automation control fields. Our team has extensive experience in hardware and software development, including CTI applications, VoIP devices and services, biometric technologies (speaker and face recognition), image processing (3-D vision & licence plate recognition) and speech technologies: Slovenian text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) eBralec and Proteus, automatic speech recognition (ASR), speech-to-speech translation (STS), voice portal applications etc. We have everything that is needed to quickly and effectively satisfy our customers' demands: people, knowledge, equipment and experience.

Alpineon also has a research group that is registered with the Slovenian Ministry of Science and Technology - Slovenian Research Agency. The group coordinates or participates in several basic and applied research projects, such as BeltPICK, RSDO and TPV4LIGHT.

Alpineon continues the established cooperation with major industrial players, academic institutions and other research organizations. Alpineon is a member of the Slovenian ICT Technology Network and of the Slovenian Center of Excellence in ICT Technologies - Speech Technologies Group.


Company Headquarters
Alpineon d.o.o.

Ulica Iga Grudna 15
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel +386 1 423 94 40
Fax +386 1 423 94 45

R&D Department
Alpineon Kranj

Letenice 16
SI-4204 Golnik, Slovenia
Tel +386 4 256 63 00
Fax +386 4 256 63 01

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